CT Institute of Law signs MoU with Badhran Alliance Law Chambers

Jalandhar, July 18, 2022: The CT Institute of Law, South Campus, Shahpur has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Badhran Alliance Law Chambers, LLP situated at Panchkula, Haryana comprising of Advocate R.S. Badhran, Designated Partner, Advocate B.S. Badhran, Partner, Advocate Ravi Kant, Partner. This agreement is signed between the advocates of chamber along with CT Institute of Law Principal Dr. Yugdeep Kaur.

This firm also has Associated Advocates, namely, Advocate Sumnender Badhran, Advocate Shina Sehgal, Advocate Inderpreet Kaur Joshi, Advocate Nishant Badhran, Advocate Arshdeep kaur, Advocate Deepal Tamang.

This MoU will provide an opportunity to the law students for internships and future placements. This collaboration is aimed to inculcate practical experience; provide real time training exposure, and a firsthand research work in legal profession.

Campus Director (Officiating) Dr Anupam Sharma said that we provide all facilities to our students so that they can gain practical as well as theortical knowledge.


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