CT Group Painted with Diverse Colors on “The United World Fest”

 Jalandhar 23,2023: “Vasudhaiva Katumbakam” was heartily honoured by CTIHM at United World Fest.  Varied efforts were made to display the world as one large and colourful family. This fest was organized to spread one clear message: despite so many religions and castes in the world, we all are united and make for one family. In this fest students of CTIHM showcased 10 different countries: Zambia, Egypt, Norway, Singapore, UAE, France, Bhutan, Italy, Indonesia, USA & Switzerland. Propagating International oneness among thousands of students, CTIHM concluded its annual international festival “United World Fest” with the utmost vigour. This fest strengthened the international spirit, understanding, and bonds of oneness at CT Shahpur Campus.

 At one venue of the fest, students enjoyed typical dances and songs of different countries; whereas, at another, they relished international foods. Special exhibitions included monuments, archaeological objects, architectural designs, wildlife, landscapes, geological supremacies, antique acquirements, cultural and allied art, and other dominances of different countries. Displays about women leaders, patriots, saints, sportswomen, and their world-renowned ideologies added lustre to the celebration.

International dance forms were another big attraction. Students from Bhutan presented fan, dragon, and lantern dances; Egyptian presented pyramids and mummies; Zambians performed Zambian dance; Italian students mesmerized with Wine Cellar and Italian Metro station; Dubai students thrilled others with Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dessert Safari, and Palm Island; whereas, Indonesian students presented Volcano and students from Singapore presented Marina Bay Hotel. Similarly, they relished dim sums, noodles presented by Bhutan; Italian mozzarella pops, creamy yummy pasta, lime virgin drinks, grilled cheese bruschetta, and numerous other delicacies.

Awarding the participating international students and students of CTIHM, Chairman of CT Group  Charanjit Singh Channi expressed: “International celebrations teach us emphatically what oneness, friendship, peaceful existence and bonds of togetherness are to exist peacefully in this world. This all can be well understood by working closely and together. I am happy to note that faculty members and students worked together day and night for one another’s country.”

Appreciating the students and faculty members Dr Manbir Singh, Managing Director of CT Group said “Such co-activities are real studies towards life and humanity. No doubt we all have a distinct identity, however, we all belong to a universal family.”

 Dr Gurpreet Singh Sidhu, Director of CT Group thanked the management of CT Group, faculty members, and students. He added, “This event was not possible without team efforts and I acknowledge my team for staying united and motivated.


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