CT Group bestows the title of Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Sushma Chawla

CT Group holds The Excellence Awards, marks silver jubilee

25 renowned personalities honored at The Excellence Awards at CT Group

Jalandhar, August 6, 2022: Celebrating 25 years of providing quality education (silver jubilee), CT Group of Institutions organised The Excellence Awards- a celebration of virtuosity, triumph and philanthropy at its South Campus, Shahpur. In this event, 25 renowned personalities from varied fields were honored by Chief Guest Gurpreet Ghuggi, comedian cum actor in the presence of CT Group Chairman Charanjit S Channi, Co-Chairperson Parminder Kaur Channi, Managing Director Dr. Manbir Singh, Tanika Singh, Vice Chairman Harpreet Singh along with Guests of Honour namely Deepak Bali, Advisor Art, Culture and Languages, Government of Delhi; MLA Nakodar Inderjit Kaur Mann and actress Prabh Grewal.

The event was inaugurated with the lamp lighting ceremony followed by a musical performance by the students of CT Musical Society. The names of awardees with titles included PCS Pankaj Bansal as Outstanding Administrator; Pawan Kumar and Aruna Arora as Best Councillor (Male and Female); Rohan Sehgal as Pro Active Councillor; SI Parminder Singh and Inspector Surjit Singh as Bravehearts; NHS Hospital as Top Choice Hospital; Dr. SPS Grover as Most Adored Doctor; ITC Fortune as Top Choice Hotel and Yummyz as Best Hang-out place.

These were followed by Actor Gaurav Kakkar as Promising Actor; National Bhangra artist Kulraj as Rising Star; Bollywood singer Jyotica Tangri as Melodious Singer; Neetiraj Shergill as An Ace Bhangra Artist; ACP Khushbir Kaur as Punjab Di Shaan; Athlete Gurindervir Singh as Fastest Boy of India; Meedhansh Gupta as Most Innovative Champ; Rachna Khaira for Most Daring Journalist; Mayank Foundation as Living Forever in Hearts; Late Prof Lakhbir Singh (Pahal) as Service Forever in Hearts; Youth Voice Foundation as Young Samartian Award; LGBT Activist Akkash Aggarwal as Pride and Advocacy Award and Ashok Kumar as CT’s Proud Member. The Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to renowned gynecologist Dr. Sushma Chawla.

Chief Guest Gurpreet Ghuggi said, “I’m feeling blessed to be a part of this wonderful event in the presence of such hardworking and talented personalities. They all deserve this honour and I congratulate CT Group for marking their silver jubilee in this noble way.”

While delivering the vote of thanks, CT Group Chairman Charanjit S Channi said, “These awardees were nominated and finalized with the support of Deputy Commissioner, Police Commissioner, 91.9 FM Radio City and CT Group. I congratulate all the awardees on receiving these excellence awards and wish them best for their future endeavors and I also thank all the supports and organizers of this event for making this a gala success.”

On this occasion, CT Group Shahpur Campus Director (Officiating) Dr. Anupam Sharma, Maqsudan Campus Director Dr. Yogesh Chhabra, Dr. Jasdeep Kaur Dhami, Actor Balraj Khaira, RJ Himanshu, RJ Karan, RJ Luveelna, RJ Imran etc were present along with students and staff members of CT Group. 


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