Bus Stand All Tidied Up Under Safai Abhiyan by CT Group Of Institutions

Jalandhar, March 24, 2023: CT Group of Institutions (Maqsudan Campus) organized a cleanliness drive at the bus stand. More than 50 students of the Hotel Management and Travel and Tourism Department, along with the Principal of CTIHM, Mr. Rohit Sharma took initiative to spread awareness about sanitation and cleanliness.

This initiative was deliberated with the aim to bring everyone together to focus on the present need of society which is hygiene and sanitation. Students visited the city bus stand to perform the cleanliness drive and undertook the duty of cleaning the area perfectly. Through this activity, students learned the importance of teamwork, understood the menace of littering, learned ways to deal with the waste, and cleaned the area.

Supporting the drive, the Managing Director of CT Group of Institutions, Dr. Manbir Singh said, “Team CT motivates everyone to take more of such initiatives to pay tribute to our nation and can hope for a better and cleaner tomorrow”.



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