CT Group Lauds the Real Crown at the Turban Tying Competition

Jalandhar, 23 March 2023: To inculcate the values of self-respect, courage, and tradition and in memory of India’s most commemorated freedom fighter Shahid Bhagat Singh, the Department of Student Welfare, CT Group of Institution, South Campus, Shahpur organized a ‘Turban Tying’ Competition. More than 80 participants from different departments showcased their expertise in tying the turban differently. Turban Fame Pardeep Singh Gehal and Harpreet Singh were the judges, and participants from different departments of the South Campus, Shahpur showed their talent in turban tying. Winners were gifted with prize money of Rs 10,500 and turbans were gifted to the students.

 Managing Director of CT Group of Institutions, Dr Manbir Singh said, “Turban is considered to be a crown in the head of the wearer and represents pride, valor, and values. Turban is a significant part of Sikh religious ethos and gives a distinct identity to the wearer.”

 On this occasion, the Chairman of CT Group Chairman, Charanjit Singh Channi, the Vice Chairman, Mr Harpreet Singh, and the Deputy Director of the Department of Student Welfare Dr Arjan Singh were present.


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