CT Public School Holds Graduation Ceremony of Tiny Stars

Mach 04, 2023 : Kindergarten wing of CT Public School celebrated its Graduation Ceremony on 28th February. The venue glittered with the smiles of tiny tots reflecting the glint in the eyes of their eager and proud parents.
This ceremony is inducted in CT culture to infuse spirit in the children to meet greater challenges of the next session.
The event was graced by the presence of the Co-Chairperson of CT Group, Ms. Parminder Kaur Channi, Ms. Tanika Channi, Principal of CTPS, Ms. Anuradha Chandel and Vice Principal of CTPS, Ms. Sukhdeep Kaur.

The guests and parents were genially welcomed and the events of the auspicious occasion began with a melodious shabad. Thereafter, the students of LKG performed a marvelous dance that made the function livelier. The students of UKG showcased their talent by performing Punjabi dance and by sharing gratitude speeches which were a real feast for the audience. Vibrant Music, dance, breathtaking colors, and highly coordinated movements promptly set the tone and mood at the CT Kindergarten.

Co-Chairperson of CT Group Ms. Parminder Kaur Channi, blessed all the tiny graduates and presented Graduation certificates to them. The mother teachers of kindergarten were duly appreciated and given an emotional Goodbye by the students and parents of UKG.


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