CT Public School organizes MY FM ke Rangrezz

January 24 January: 94.3 MY FM organizes MY FM ke Rangrezz in CT Public School. Making Children aware of Punjabi Virasat CT Public School has undertaken an initiative in association with FM RJ Garry to conduct an event on the topic, MY FM ke Rangrezz in which the students were asked to paint  Punjabi Virasat on Canvas. The event was held at CT Public School for the students to spread the impression of Punjabi culture and to familiarize the students with their culture.

The activity was conducted under the able guidance of Principal Anuradha Chandel. She said that it is important to imbibe the virtues of Punjabi Culture in
school so that today's students should learn about the rich states and traditions of Punjab. The Vice Principal, Sukhdeep Kaur further added that it always motivates the
students and we will continue organizing such socially engaging activities in the future too.


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